Providing a forum for the exchange of ideas, concepts,
developments in Alberta
's health information/technology field. . . 


The Alberta Network for Health Information eXchange Society (ANHIX)  membership consists of professionals with a vested interest in Alberta’s Health Informatics, Healthcare Technology and Information Management industry. The ANHIX members are from all areas of Alberta with some members joining us from other provinces of Canada and internationally.


To promote information management and technology that assists, improves and sustains quality health care and to promote understanding for the exchange and the effective and efficient utilization of information and information technologies within Alberta’s healthcare environment. 


  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, concepts, and developments in Alberta’s health information technology field.
  • Build an information resource reference and facilitate a network of expertise for health information/ technology in Alberta.
  • Provide guidance for the standardization of health informatics projects. 
  • Enable the sharing of experience and expertise by creating membership networking opportunities.

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